How Heavy Duty Motherboards are Made

How Heavy Duty Motherboards are Made


In this article, you will now the basics of how motherboards are made. The meticoulous process a manufacturer had to execute so you can have the best experience with your computer.


Tracing and Root Leaves

You’ll notice that your motherboard is comprise of intricate lines and indicators you probably have no idea about. Those indicators are like promo codesor markers. These lines are printed on a fiber glass sheet so that the placing of wires and other elements are accurate use kortingscode 10 euro korting. The tracing is the first step because without it, the whole procedure will be chaotic score some black friday best deals.


Lamination and Fabrication

A fiber glass fabric will be laminated through the woving of molten glass. It will be heated after epoxy resin is applied. Through this process  the manufacturer creates multiple “Preppreg” which will be stacked on top of each other until the desired thickness is achieved. Preppreg is a fiber glass sheet laminated with thin copper wires. This will be the base of the motherboard. The base should be rigid and hard enough to endure the next procedures. The thickness may vary depending on the manufacturer but the standard suggests that the base should.35mm thick.


Removing Excess Copper Layers

First manufacturer have to make sure that the base should be photosensitive-resistant by applying a photo-resist material. This should cover all the copper layers. Since the preppreg are stacked on top of each other, the tracing is not visible choose kortingscode zalando aanmelden nieuwsbrief when shopping. A chemical solution will be applied and expose the base to ultraviolet rays for polymerization just like my girl dress promotional code essentials. You can save money on electronicsif you know how polymerization works. It can get you pictures you made on your own through chemistry. Once the tracing is visible, we are now ready to etch the excess copper layers.


Drilling Holes

As you noticed, there are wholes in your motherboard. There were there not by accident. These holes are intended for mounting purposes. The manufacturer has to be careful because incorrect drilling can damage the base which means, this piece will be a reject.