Motherboard Chipsets

What are the Motherboard Chipsets?

To keep things simple and easy to understand, chipsets are the connectors of your CPU to your motherboard. Without them, your computer won’t be functioning as it should. Back in time, there were multiple chipsets on a computer which is why having a computer back then was so expensive. But now, you can shop online using discountsand buy them at a very affordable price. Since 1986, the technological age also modernized chipsets. Today, chipsets have two integral part: The north bridge and south bridge.

How are Chipsets Work

It is similar to human brain nerves. In order for our brain to send signals to our body, the nerve has to carry out the message to our body as quick as milliseconds. The chipsets found on our motherboard perform a crucial process in doing all the sending of signals to every port of our computer. People who love to set up their computers to their preference know that chipsets will affect the overall performance of their computer. So choosing the right chipset for their CPU should be done with care. As discussed above, a chipset has 2 parts.

North Bridge

North Bridge has a memory controller installed in it. This memory controller is responsible for sending out memory to your RAM or PCI Bus. Most designs use Front Side Bus to attach your CPU to North Bridge for a quick transfer of information. The CPU generates a memory then north bridge regulates that memory and transfers it to your RAM.

South Bridge

The south bridge, on the other hand, performs slower tasks compared to the north bridge. The south bridge is responsible for sending signals to your USB, PCI, IDE, and LAN. Needless to say, the south bridge makes networking possible do a check glasvezel beschikbaarheid before signing up.

Innovations and Development

One of the first companies to innovate on chipsets was Intel. They have built a platform in order for south bridge and north bridge to become one single unit called, Platform Controller Hub. People build a websiteand made reviews about the platforms. It stirrup an innovating spirit among other companies.