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Be Taken’s Innovation Partner

The motherboard is one of the most comprehensive technology today. There is no limit of what it can be and what it can do. There is always room for improvement. The motherboards we have released are high-tech but we believe that it is not the end to it. We can still come up with new models and design to cater to the needs of consumers.

If you have a design in mind that will solve the problems of the motherboards in the market today, partner with us. We already have the facilities and resources to test and create your idea.

Warranty Extension

If you want to provide your customers with an assurance, extending the warranty is the key. With a little added cost, your customers can send the equipment to our office for repairs and diagnostics. If by any chance that the motherboard is already beyond repair, we’ll send a new piece free of charge.


Parts and Accessories

Taken also produces parts and accessories that will surely work perfectly with our motherboards. They are made of high-quality materials which are hard to find. Many companies take these parts for granted for the sake of buying them at a cheap price. But with this thinking, the consumer suffers. When consumer suffers the brand suffers as well. Don’t make that mistake, work with Taken and we are sure that your brand will stay in the game for a long time.